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You pay for a website at a time. No monthly fees. We finalize the projects within the deadline.

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We provide technical support for the pages hosted on our hosting. We advise on technical issues.

High quality and responsive site at a price!

We will make the project according to the latest standards and trends, which will adapt to the resolution of the terminal device.

Price list of web design projects

Below is a summary of the standard types of websites in the form of three most popular packages. By choosing the right package you only pay for the features that you actually need. You can also choose additional services for each package and get an estimated cost for your website.

  • MINI

    ~ 700 pln *

    * estimated gross cost,
    one time fee - no subscription!

    Web Business Card
    static company website

    Simple website consisting of 5 fixed pages as standard.

    • execute page template
    • introduction and optimization of content
    • photo gallery (up to 25 images)
    • simple contact form, Google map
    • web hosting, domain .pl /year free!
  • MIDI

    ~ 1100 pln *

    * estimated gross cost,
    one time fee - no subscription!

    with CMS system

    CMS - Content management system allows for self-modification on the website.

    • execute template / page layout
    • introduction and optimization of content seo
    • photo galleries
    • content management system
    • contact form, Google map, news
    • web hosting, domain .pl /year free!
  • MAXI

    ~ 1500 pln *

    * estimated gross cost,
    one time fee - no subscription!

    Internet service
    with MySQL database support

    A database-driven website tailored specifically to your business needs.

    • execute template / page layout
    • introduction and optimization of content seo
    • photo galleries, slideshows
    • product catalog, news
    • additional atypical modules
    • content management system
    • extensive order forms, Google map
    • web hosting, domain .pl /year free!

Estimated execution price of the website design:
the exact price will be prepared after reviewing the scope of work - the final valuation may be lower :)

700 zł brutto

Additional web design services / functionality:

Execution / rework of the logo Vector logo in the form of graphical symbol and text presentation of the company name.
Purchase photos from a photo bank The price of a photo in a bank depends on the size of the photo and what it represents. The valuation involves the purchase of 25 credits.
Unusual text / photo animation For example an animated show of vertical or horizontal partner logos.
Additional language version of the site eg English Price for one additional language version. With a large amount of text individual pricing.
Additional language version of the site eg German Price for one additional language version. With a large amount of text individual pricing.
Pin the content management system under the page element If you do not need the whole management system and you just want to have the ability to edit parts of the content then this option is for you.
Guestbook module or customer feedback The module allows you to leave a review or entry by a user's page. Of course, before the post is published you must accept it.
Advanced form on the page The final price depends on the complexity of the form - the number of fields, the type of data transferred and functionality.
Movie / music player The price of a custom media player tailored to the needs of the client.
Google Adwords sponsored link campaign The pricing includes setting up, configuring, and 2 weeks of campaign oversight. The budget for clicks is not included in the price.
Local positioning on maps and GoogleThe pricing includes creating, configuring and optimizing an entry on Google maps. It is the cheapest and very effective way to promote a company in a given region.
Phrase analysis and positioning in organic results - SEO The pricing includes 6 months of positioning on 12 selected phrases. Seo positioning service is only available for pages that have been made by us.
Additional information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about web design:
  • If you do not have the hosting (server space) is the first year of hosting for the site you will receive for free! Hosting and domain are services required for a website to be visible online.
  • Every website that is hosted on our hosting is eligible for free technical support. It only concerns issues related to the correct operation of the site.
  • If you do not have a domain then you will also get it for free! We register your domain to your business so that you always own it. Of course, after one year, the domain should be extended.
  • Package prices refer only to pages that are on our hosting. If the website is to be placed on an external hosting (not ours), the price of each package should include 250 gross PLN.
  • Package prices assume one language version. By default, this is a Polish language version, but nothing prevents the site to be in a different language version (eg only in English or only in German)
  • We do not write texts for pages, but for additional language versions of web pages, we outsource translations to specialized companies.
  • We also offer patches and modifications to existing pages, redesign or adapt them to mobile devices. You have problems with your site - write to us, we will be happy to help!
  • All designs are made in responsive (mobile) technology - this means that your website will automatically adjust to the screen resolution of the end device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or monitor.

If you have not found the feature or service you need, please contact us. We will make it an individual valuation.

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