Responsive website - a site tailored to your phone, tablet, and computer

Outsource create a responsive corporate website us! In order to meet the latest trends and technologies, we present our offer mobile website. Potential customers are increasingly looking for deals and browsing websites on smartphones, tablets, and netbooks. Technological progress has resulted in the introduction of new technology of web pages. RWD (responsive web design). RWD - commonly the responsiveness of a page - means that the page is adjusted to the resolution of the device on which it is displayed.

See what it is like and how a website behaves on different devices.

Responsive websites they dynamically adapt to the device they appear on, changing their layout, displaying individual blocks of text, and placement, size, and visibility. They adjust font size and spacing to read the content of the page was not difficult. They can also change site navigation if needed, so it's easier to use, for example, on small screens. On mobile devices, they adjust clickable elements to the right size to easily handle them with the finger rather than the cursor.

This facilitates navigation and increases readability so users responsive pages do not be discouraged when browsing content. Be assured that regardless of the device, everyone will be able to get to know your products or services without any hiccups!

If you do not know whether a page is responsive or not: minimize the browser window, grab the side edge and start narrowing it. You will see whether the page changes as the width of the window changes.

You can use the prepared mobile page tester :Check the responsiveness

Why is responsive page rendering so important ?

On April 22, 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm that checks to see if a site is responsive and user friendly on the mobile device - if it detects errors and finds that browsing the page on your phone or tablet is difficult, will exclude that site from search results on mobile devices. Keep in mind that this is about 50% of potential customers - who will not find your offer with a search engine. It is difficult to disregard such a large group.

A page that is not responsive, on small screens most often requires scrolling horizontally, which is simply very inconvenient. The use may also impede too small font size or a large amount of unnecessary details. The mobile website is legible and displays correctly on all devices - desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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