Website repair / Modifications / Improvement of the existing website

There is a large group of people who already have a website but are not satisfied with it or would like to improve the appearance of the site. We have prepared an offer that includes the implementation of the so-called website lifting.

It will be executed first website audit and testing on multiple devices, as well as the analysis of the aesthetics and assumed functions of the website. We will prepare a list of recommended and correctable page elements to help yours the website will be prettier and better than the competition. We will also take into account its correct and quick operation, and the goals it is to fulfill.
website modifications
Website Lifting - Your Website Can Be Better! Also check : Designing logos
We offer execution of, among others, the following website corrections :
  • visual improvement of the site - preparation of a new or modernization of the current layout
  • mobile version - adaptation or implementation of a version for a smartphone, tablet, monitor - the so-called responsiveness
  • better content appearance - creating graphic creations, logos, e-mailings, banners and graphics for the website
  • better functionality - forms, statistics, newsletter, blog, knowledge base, calendar, online orders, etc.
  • greater multimedia - adding animations / effects to attract customers
  • speed up the page - increasing the speed of loading the website
  • positioning - improving the position of the website in search engine results
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  • changes content of the website - adding texts, photos, attachments / deleting / updating subpages
  • expansion of the website - adding more subpages / modules / functions / expanding the menu
  • registration and login - forms, pricing, reservations, baskets, purchasing systems, payments
  • socialmedia - integration with Facebook, Youtube and social networks
  • administration panel - independent changes to your website
  • IT service - SSL certificate installation, mailbox configuration, website transfer
  • any elements according to Your idea - advanced website modifications

Many years of experience allows us to modify each page, even made in the oldest technologies. We support the client from A-Z, from recovering access passwords to appropriate changes and their implementation. Of course we can also create a completely new website for you from scratch or based partly on materials from the "old" site.

We look forward to working with you! If you have not found the function or service you need, please contact us. Nothing is impossible.

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