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You have webpage, and potential customers still do not call you?
To make the website "for good" on the web, it should be submitted to the process website positioning. Positioning consists of placement www pages on highest positions in search results (when typing in phrase search engines with keywords matched to the page's profile).

Positioning enables you to reach more customers who are specifically looking for what your business offers. Thanks effective positioning, number of visits to the site increases significantly, and therefore its marketing effectiveness increases and this results in real economic benefits.
positioning websites
We know how to succeed and promote your website to the top positions in the SERP (search engine results) by using only secure website positioning methods.

Positioning is commonly defined by all activities related to the promotion of the website on the Internet, however, the positioning can be divided into:

  • SEO (ang. Search Engine Optimization ) i.e. website optimization for search engines. See more : Website audit and positioning
  • PPC ( ang. Pay Per Click ) - sponsored links in the Google AdWords advertising campaign
  • Google places - local positioning on Google maps / Google business card. See more : Positioning locally and on maps

Performing the above actions is called SEM ( ang. Search Engine Marketing ) - search engine marketing.

By doing ours website projects we always try to be as compatible with SEO positioning process. However, SEO positioning is a long-term process and the first optimization effects will be visible in search results after a few weeks or even months. The fastest and most effective way of presenting a website is to run a campaign Google Adwords sponsored links - PPC, whose effects are visible immediately!

seoWebsite SEO Optimization:
In our offer, search engine optimization is carried out on every project implementation, as standard we do:
  • matching and selecting adequate matatags and sub titles
  • placement and distinction keywords in the content of each subpage
  • execution correct linking internal service
  • programming the html code and css style sheets of the page by w3c standards
  • config .htaccess ( 301 redirect )
  • put links from our site with the appropriate anchor text
adwordsGoogle Adwords Campaigns:
To order we run an advertising campaign for Google Adwords sponsored links - PPC positioning:
  • create and configure an account Google Adwords
  • execution of the advertising campaign, selection of appropriate phrases and keywords
  • target setting audience groupsand location
  • fixing budget and rates per click
An ordered advertising campaign is analyzed and modified to improve efficiency while optimizing budgets. The results of the positioning process are presented in the form of detailed reports!

Increase the number of visits to your site : Order a Google AdWords campaign