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Your company does not yet exist on the web? You do not know how to start? Outsource creating a corporate website us! You are not determined to form Internet advertising? In order to meet the expectations of our clients we present the most popular types websites:

Company card:
An internet business card is a solution for people who want to be online but do not yet have an idea for a more advanced website. This is a simple website with no subpages, and all content is placed on the home page. Typically, this site presents the basic offer and contact details of the company. Such a site is a good solution for a company that does not want to stay behind the competition!Website:
Once you know what you want to put on your website and you do not need to make frequent changes to the content of the site then this static website is the perfect solution for you. The content you provide will be properly formatted and formatted so that your site gets the highest possible SEO compatibility, which is very important in the first step of indexing and positioning your website.Website with CMS:
If you value your independence, you can operate the editor and you want to edit and update the content of the website yourself, then we recommend a website with content management system.An extensive web site:
Do you have a lot of articles on offer? You intend to sell them, display them on the site in sorted order, search. You need a database-driven website that allows you to sort, search, modify, remove, and add new articles that will immediately appear on your site. Such a service will be tailored to your needs.Dedicated service:
If you need custom solutions and you expect an internet service that's perfectly tailored to your needs, then you've come to the right place. Dedicated service has no limitations.
Designed and programmed according to individual needs.
There will be everything in it - what you need.
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Stages of website implementation:

stages of website implementation
Please send us basic data about the web page by email (number of subpages, content of one page, logo, photos, page topic) and you will receive a sample graphic design of your website within a few working days!
  • Providing basic content to the site by the client.
  • Execution of the graphic design of the website.
  • Presentation of the project for acceptance and amendment.
  • Help with domain purchase and configuration.
  • Encoding the website and placing other content on the page.
  • Placing a page on the server, setting up mail accounts.
  • Indexing pages in popular search engines.
  • Positioning.

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Website design is not just a graphic design and some text!

We always try to advise you on how to properly edit the text to accurately reflect your site's profile, and thus the site has reached high search engine rankings. This is the first and most important stage website positioning. With some keywords, it is enough for a website to start gaining new customers. Implementing websites in accordance with w3c standards it also has a significant impact on search engine position, the site coded in accordance with applicable standards is friendly positioning and does not differ in appearance in the most popular web browsers.
At create a graphic design page we take into account both functionality and nice, attractive graphics. The graphic design of the site is an element of direct contact with the prospective customer; it does not significantly influence the positioning of the website, but is important for the visual reception of the website by the user.
web design
We do not use "ready" website layouts, cms system, database application will be coded by the programmer and perfectly tailored to your needs!

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