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You want your website to achieve high position in search results? We know how to do it! We will professionally optimize your website and we will strive to achieve high positions in the serp results. Positioning is the best method to make your website high in Google search results for terms most frequently searched by Internet users.

We will carry out first SEO audit and we will develop a strategy positioning your website for the following months. After choosing the right direction, we will introduce the required changes to the website code, and we will also start working on improving the content of the website in terms of selected keywords.

Why is it worth ordering your website positioning?

Audit and SEO optimization of the website

Our actions are based solely on proven and safe methods of website positioning :

  • Comprehensive SEO audit
    We start with an SEO audit. Then we analyze and select appropriate keywords used in the further process of website positioning.
  • The most effective positioning strategy
    Based on the audit, we determine the positioning strategy. We position Polish-wide, and when you are looking for clients close to your location, we will focus on local positioning.
  • Technical optimization of the website and content
    We remove errors on the website, improve its loading speed and optimize the HTML code. We are working on the correct use of keywords in headings, meta tags and all texts.
  • Results analysis and reporting
    We analyze the positioning results on an ongoing basis. We react to the results achieved and, if necessary, we optimize our activities. We are also working on acquiring links on external websites.

Thanks to positioning, you will gain clients for your business no costly investment in paid advertising.

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Answers to frequently asked questions:
  • What is a comprehensive SEO audit?During the SEO audit, we check all the most important elements that determine the final position of the website in search engines. We try to find areas where effective corrections can be made. During the audit, we will check the page loading speed, appropriate code semantics and readability for search engine robots. We will check the appropriate keyword saturation as well as the quality of external links. The number of tests carried out is so large that it is impossible to list them all here.
  • What is website optimization?Page optimization is partly based on the programming optimization of the website - within it, we will focus on improving the quality of the source code, links, headers or page semantics. We also optimize the display speed and operation of the website itself, which has recently been crucial. In the second part, we focus on content optimization - creating appropriate descriptions and texts using selected key phrases that are still very important in the positioning process. In our experience, few pages have well-optimized content on their website.
  • How many keywords can you rank for?There is no universal answer to this question. The number of key phrases for which the page can be positioned will depend on the size of the page itself, as well as the potential and competitiveness of the phrases. When the website is not very extensive, it is possible to position on a smaller number of keywords than in the case of extensive portals and stores. On average, you can take 2.3 main phrases per one subpage. This does not mean, however, that in the meantime the page will not be positioned on the so-called phrases. long tail, which display the page in the serp results of search engines for more specific and industry-specific queries.
  • How long does SEO take?It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this. The time after which you can see the first effects of positioning varies, it is influenced by many factors, including the industry in which you operate, the history of the website, e.g. previous seo activities, or the intensity of activities and advertising of your competition. The result of positioning is not only a high, but also a stable position of the website - which you will not lose after a week, therefore we always offer at least a 6-month settlement period for the conducted SEO activities.

We look forward to working with you!